Born To Do Business Program

Business Strategy & Management

Ideal Client and Pain Point Exercise

Pain Points & Marketing Message

Finding Your Niche

The Difference Between MGA & EGA

How To Plan The Work And Work The Plan

How To Manage Your Time & Priorities

1. What is time management about and what are the REAL challenges?

2. 10 tips to make the best use of your time

3. How to manage your priorities?

4. What is the difference between On-Going Projects and Strategic Projects?

5. The practical tools to use

Turning an idea into a project

Here is what we are going to talk about in this Training Module
• Why is it difficult to translate an idea into a project & What are our fears around it?
• How to choose your priorities between EGA and MGA Projects
• What is the process to follow for long term Strategic Projects
• Visualising your end-results
• Setting your goals according to your vision
• Reverse engineer your goals into Projects
• Choose which Project to start with
• Break down your Project into a step by step plan
• Answer the main strategic questions on the Project
• Choose the project that will go in your 90 days Goal Plan & insert it into your Project Management Tool
• Be the Leader, communicate on this Project with your team
• Manage your team and the execution of the Project
• Review the Project’s KPIs
• Evaluate the Return On Investment of the Project

Surveys, Questionnaire and Testimonials

What is the difference between Surveys, Questionnaires, and Testimonials?
Why and when do we use a Survey?
How do we do a Survey?
Why and when do we use a Questionnaire?
How do we do a Questionnaire?
Why and when do we ask for Testimonials?
How do we ask for Testimonials?

Business & Marketing Metrics