Born To Do Business Program

Born To Do & Mindset

Law Of Attraction

How to align with your Born To Do AND be financially successful at the same time

Unique Brilliance

High Performance Habits & Time Management

What is this Training Module about?

  • How personal growth is connected to success in business
  • How to look at your time as your most precious asset
  • How to manage the times in your day most effectively
  • How to start thinking and behaving like all successful people with high performance habits
  • How to plan your day, projects and goals in an effective way

Who is this Training Module for?

  • It is for you if you are in GYB or SYB Programs
  • It is for you if you feel that you need help in managing your time, not feeling overwhelmed
  • It is for you if you want to optimise your habits and routine to make the most out of the different times in the day

The 3 different Business Mindsets – from the Entrepreneur’s mindset to the CEO mindset to the Business Leader’s mindset

What is this Training Module about?

• What is Mindset and why is it important to be successful in Business

• What is the Entrepreneur’s Mindset

• What is the CEO’s Mindset

• What is the Business Leader’s Mindset

Who is this Training Module for?

This Training Module is for ALL program Members – Grow Your Business & Scale Your Business

The Importance of Self Care and Emotion Management in your Business 

  • How being an entrepreneur is a personal growth journey
  • How taking care of yourself is part of your job as a CEO
  • The different signs that you are not taking care of your personal and emotional well being
  • The different strategies to put in place to have healthy habits and perform better in your life and as a CEO

Scale Your Business Lab – Scale Your Mindset

How do you shift your Mindset to go from an Entrepreneur Mindset to a CEO Mindset?

Here is what we are going to talk about:

  • The different Stages of a Business
  • What is Mindset
  • The difference between a Fixed Mindset & a Growth Mindset
  • Why do you need a Growth Mindset in Business
  • The 3 Business Mindsets
  • The Power of Mindset
  • Examples of Mindset Shifts

Training Module “Intuition vs Strategy”

In this Training Module we will talk about:

  • What is the difference between Intuition, Emotion and Thoughts
  • How do we know when it is intuition or when it is an Emotion
  • Which one to use when we make decisions in our business
  • How to not be too much in your mind or too much in your intuition
  • What happens when we are only in one of them

Pre-Pesach Session

In this Session you will hear tips from different experts on how to get ready for Pesach:

  • How to create Systems to prepare for Pesach
  • Ideas of recipes for Pesach
  • How to manage anxieties around Pesach
  • How to set up the Pesach Table
  • How to prepare spiritually for Pesach
  • How to date your spouse and revive the flame around the holidays
  • How to manage your to do list and your business tasks during the holidays

How to maintain your business whilst going through challenges in your private life

This session is given by Talie Warulkar the Anxiety Coach.
As a business owner, your business is a part of you. When your private life is going well it’s easy to stay focused on your business and to put yourself into it. However, when you are faced with challenges in your private life, it’s much harder to show up for your business. Life being life, challenges occur and by being prepared you will be able to keep your business still alive whilst simultaneously handling whatever that challenge is.

Why being Purpose Driven makes it more difficult for entrepreneurs to be successful?

Here’s what we will talk about:

  • How do you know if you are Purpose Driven
  • What are the specific challenges of Purpose Driven Entrepreneurs
  • Why do they share those challenges
  • What is their unique secret weapon to be successful

What is EFT Tapping and why is it so beneficial for entrepreneurs

Here’s what we will talk about:

  • Explanation of EFT
  • How it works
  • Demonstration

Who it is for – who can benefit from this the most?

  • Entrepreneurs who sometimes feel:
    overwhelmed, stuck, lack of clarity, imposter syndrome, lack of confidence,
    anxious/nervous before an event.


Here’s what we will talk about:

  • What is Alignment
  • What happens when you do things from Alignment
  • What happens when you do things from mis-alignment
  • How to know when you are in alignment
  • Masculine and feminine energies
  • Why is alignment scary
  • How to overcome our fears
  • How to surrender to Alignment
  • How to translate our alignment into a Strategic decision in our Business