3 Days Live Training on Systems
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Live Training on Systems

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May 9th - May 10th - May 11th
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When I first started my business almost 10 years ago, I had no idea what I was getting myself into...

At first, I had a vision and all I wanted to do was share my idea with people and my gifts with the world – this was the launching stage of my business.

Then, I became obsessed with marketing and all I wanted was to have more clients and have more impact – this is how I went from launching to growing my business.

Today, I am a 6 figures business owner and I still have a thousand ideas a day, I still want to share my gifts with the world, and have more impact. But I also know that if I want my business to continue to be successful in the long term, I need systems and processes – And this is when you reach the scaling stage of your business.

I decided to put together this free Live Training for entrepreneurs like you because I saw how crucial this teaching on Systems has been for the Members in my Programs and how it allowed them to take their business to the scaling stage.

That's why I am inviting you to join me for an intensive 3 days of Live Training on Systems where I will teach you how to use Systems in your business to have more free time, to stop feeling overwhelmed, and to bring together the tools and technology that you already have in order to make your business scalable so that you can do more of what you love and share your gifts with more people.

Looking forward to seeing you on the other side!

Nathalie Garson
What will you learn in this
Video Live Training on Systems?

How Systems will make everything easier, faster, simpler and more consistent in your business


How organising your business with Systems will make you feel more relaxed and give you more peace of mind


How structuring your business with automations and systems will allow you to work more efficiently and will give you more free time

How putting systems in place will give you a feeling of control over your business with predictable and consistent results

How Systems will ensure your consistent growth, and will create your pathway to success


How Systems will allow you to create your intellectual property so that you will be unique in your field and different from your competition

A little more about me

I am Nathalie Garson and I am the CEO and Founder of the Born To Do Business and the Leader of the Born To Do Business Global Community.

I started my business close to 10 years ago, and I have empowered 100s of entrepreneurs – mainly purpose-driven women – to launch, grow and scale their business by mixing in business expertise and highly spiritual intuition in order to align all aspects of who we are with our Born To Do so that we can be financially successful and feel fulfilled by the meaningful work that we do.

I can't wait to spend these 3 days of Live Training with you, and to share with you the magic of Systems that you will find behind every successful business!

How does it work

When is it happening?

  • The Live Training is happening every day for 3 days
  • It is happening from Sunday, May 9th until Tuesday, May 11th 
  • Every day it will be at the same time – 6pm Israel Time [5pm CET, 11am ET, 8am PT]

Where is it happening?

  • The Live Training is happening in our Facebook Group
  • You will be notified in Facebook and by email when the Live Training is starting
  • You will be able to ask questions and get answers during the Live Training

What to expect?

  • Register to the Live Training by filling out the form below
  • You will be redirected to join our Facebook Group
  • As soon as you register, you will receive an email with all the details on the Live Training
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Here is how to register

Fill in your information below to save your seat on the Free 3 Days Live Training and you will receive confirmation of your registration by email.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions on the Live Training, please check if the answer is below, if not feel free to write to us at contact@nathaliegarson.com

 👉 How long is each session?
Each session will last between 45 minutes to one hour.
👉 If I won't be able to attend one of the Lives at 6pm, would the recordings be available?

Yes, we will send you the recordings by email.

👉 What if I don't have Facebook or I don't want to join the Facebook Group to watch the Lives?

You can still register and you will receive the links to the recordings of the Lives by email.

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